Simple CSS3 Button Transitions

Here are several examples of a CSS3 transitions you can add to your website buttons and links. These will render slightly different in the major browsers, so it’s recommended to use Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Unfortunately Internet Explorer doesn’t play nicely with transitions yet. Demo Gray Button Green Button Black Button Blue Button These … Read more

Drupal 7 Released

Worth posting (and creating a new category for on this site) and worth taking for a spin if you haven’t already: It’s Here.¬†Drupal 7.0

Social Networking with Buddypress for WordPress

It’s been a long time since posting, but since using Buddypress for WordPress, I feel it’s necessary say something about this up and coming social networking solution. Ever been frustrated with sites like Facebook, Myspace and other social networks, but feel that your company or organization could really benefit from being a part of a … Read more

7 SEO Factors in Order of Importance

I have been asked several times by new site owners about optimizing their pages for search engines. Most of the time they are confused and hoping for a little help with clarifying the best practices. I’ve put together some helpful tips, specifically for newbies, to help clarify all the info you may have received and try to put it in order of importance.

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Event Reservation System

Joomla is an open-source Content Management System that has a wide range of uses. It has a huge community of developers that build components that extend its use, and the best part about them is that most are free. I frequently use Joomla to build websites including, and

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